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Graph of the Day: Legalizing Marijuana, Gun Control and the Death Penalty

Today we are going to look at some public opinion polls from Gallup recently released on crime in America.

First, announced today, more Americans are in support of legalizing Marijuana than ever before.  Now 44% of Americans support legalization while 54% oppose.  With California’s recent taxing of Marijuana debate heating up these polls vary significantly by region.

4n-x7bayg0scflkziabsrqNext, last week saw new lows in the number of Americans supporting gun control laws.

wcxhxkuevkcy-dpw4eza3wFinally, support for the death penalty remains the highest in years.

0w0agwqyv06y25k3lorgxqThe recent end to the “War on Drugs” and rise in percieved crime rates indicate that the American public is not as concerned with “softer” crimes but has taken a hardlined stance against violent crime in recent years.  Topics related to crime that controlled political debate in the mid-ninties have been put on the back burner. In the case of Marijuana the public has cooled it’s opposition, while gun control and the death penalty have grown in traditional conservative rhetoric.



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