GOP Fundraising Strategy: Fear, Ego and Reactionary Politics

A confidential GOP presentation obtained by POLITICO says it all when it comes to Republican political strategy. Nothing we didn’t already know – it’s just particularly disturbing to see it summed up so thoroughly in a garish heart-shaped flow chart.

So now its time to ask yourself: are you a “visceral giver” or a “major donor?” Well, that depends, are you a reactionary who responds to anger and fear tactics, or are you an ego-driven opportunist? Either way, the GOP has found a way to take your money. And, if you haven’t been convinced yet, Republicans have a brilliantly simple strategy to lure you to their side:

See the full presentation here.



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3 responses to “GOP Fundraising Strategy: Fear, Ego and Reactionary Politics

  1. French Johnman

    I do not understand why you think the Democratic Party is at all better than the Republican Party. Both have extensive ties to every kind of horrible corporation (banks, corporations, unions, pharm. companies, etc.). There is one party in our country. The sooner “progressive” Democrats realize this, the better.

  2. Rory

    I am begining to understand the type of people who vote republican: Hate driven, egocentric maniacs?

  3. politicians are bad liars but am not, forward with democrats.

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