An Open Letter To Health Care Reform Supporters and Advocates

I get it.  You’re deflated, feel as though health reform is out of your control, like everything you’ve done could mean little, and you don’t need a young idealist telling you what to think.  Well as that young idealist– now is not the time to give up.

One of the highlights of the presidential campaign was the youth involvement and excitement over the political process.  If health care reform is not given a full, need I say comprehensive, final push, Democrats are at risk disillusioning this generation. Whatever the result may be, young people need political heroes now more than ever.

Today, President Obama told Senate Democrats to ignore what they hear on the blogs, cable television or other media.  However, this is the time when what is reported in the media, through advocacy organizations, and supporters in the public matters the most.  If leaders begin to feel a lack of support, they will drop like flies.  You, as supporters of health care reform, should be beating the drum louder than ever before.  And you should be paying attention to what is written too.  Believe it or not, there is good news out there.

The White House finally seems to be getting behind a strategy. It was reported today that the administration privately supports the House passing the Senate bill and nearly simultaneously the Senate passing improvements through the reconciliation process.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are meeting with the president to discuss strategy – and actually communicate – tomorrow.

Hundreds of reformers have been working on this effort for over a year, we are all tired.  Health reform has been the professional goal of so many policy gurus.  It is easy to say we are closer than ever before and that we’ve worked hard.  It is easy to say the story is old and that there is nothing left to write about. But it’s not right. We are far from the end of what can be written on health care reform.  Although no health care reform bill would be a professional loss and personal defeat, must we be reminded why we are here?

The millions of Americans without access to health insurance, the small businesses that are crushed by increasing costs, the horror stories, and the daily accounts of frustration– we are fighting to improve the country.  We are fighting to make the lives of others better.

Mistakes have been made along the way.  Politicians make mistakes. But they are not acting alone.  It is the job of advocates to ensure these mistakes don’t put reform on “life support.”

No one wants to live with regrets.  At these crucial stages, one action can make a significant difference.  It is time to dig in your heels, push that extra mile, and become that hero that is needed by all generations.

By Emma Sandoe



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3 responses to “An Open Letter To Health Care Reform Supporters and Advocates

  1. Ted

    Love it! You’re right! As progressive thinkers seem to back away slowly from the hope of healthcare reform as if they are trying to let us down gently without startling the angry beast, it becomes our responsibility as a people to insist that our politicians continue to stand up for what we as a society and a country need/want. Washington should know that these beasts, our people, are angry; and after watching a year of “sausage making” we will accept nothing less than comprehensive healthcare reform.

  2. OldSailor

    This legislation is NOT “Health Care Reform”; it IS “Health Insurance Regulation” that will give the Administration the control over insurance companies that the Administration now has over the financial industry, and the auto industry. This whole sham, conducted in back rooms, using strong-arm tactics, and thinly veiled bribery of other legislators (Nelson, Landrieu, Dodd, etc) from both parties. I happen to live in Nevada and anxiously await my opportunity to turn “Dirty Harry” Reid out of office. I just hope public opinion can hold off the legislation that will at last give the Bleeding Left what they have always wanted: “Cradle to Grave” federal control of our own bodies.

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