Map of the Day: Congressional Districts

Neil Freeman at has this interesting map of what the United States would look like if states were divided equally by population.  He has all populations equal populations of 5,617,000.   He lists his advantages below:

Ends overrepresentation of small states and underrepresention of large states in presidental voting and in the US Senate.
Preserves the historical structure of the electoral college and the United States unique federal system, balancing power between levels of government.
States could be redistricted after each census – just like house seats are distributed now.

Sounds logical enough. Unfortunately, as we have seen this last week, the U.S. is slightly resistant to change.

In case you were as worried as I was about Alaska and Hawaii, Freeman accounted for them as part of Olympia and Coronado respectively.


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One response to “Map of the Day: Congressional Districts

  1. Rob

    Nifty map, but lousy reform idea. let the unit that counts be each individual voter – !

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