Monsanto: Genetically Modified Food and the Need for Reforming Food Safety Laws

A recent study has found that genetically modified food is linked to organ damage in rats.  The study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences found that genetically modified corn produced by Monsanto “induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity.”

Monsanto is a seed producing and chemical company with a rich history of controversy.  There have been allegations of intimidating farmers, using hostile tactics to monopolize the market, false advertising, producing large-scale international pollution.  In addition, they manufactured Agent Orange for the U.S. military during the Vietnam war.

This month, Monsanto also was dealt a legal blow as the U.S. Supreme Court decided to take up a patent case on their alfalfa seed.  In short, the company manufactured an alfalfa resistant to the Monsanto produced Roundup herbicide.  Bees will pollinate the genetically modified alfalfa and then cross pollinate it with organic crops adding the genetic modification to the organic alfalfa.  Organic farmers will then lose their USDA organic certifications.  Since Monsanto also has a patent on the genetic modification, the company can sue any farmer for stealing their property, and they do.

Although the study last week only indicated that genetically modified corn was linked to organ damage, this is the first study to link genetically modified food to toxic reactions.  Further studies may indicate other genetic modified food may have an impact on human health.  Considering alfalfa is a main source of cattle feed and the genetic modification has a potential to spread quickly and dominate the alfalfa market, if the genetically modified alfalfa is hazardous to human health, the Supreme Court decision may be crucial to public health.

Reforming the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the regulatory roles they have over our food is crucial to both public health and the farming industry.  Allowing monopolistic corporations to put small farmers out of business over plant genetics and potentially causing us all harm with these modifications should not be tolerated.

By Emma Sandoe



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5 responses to “Monsanto: Genetically Modified Food and the Need for Reforming Food Safety Laws

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this and alerting more viewers to the atrocities that Monsanto continues to get away with.

    So far I have been unable to wrap my mind around a civilization that would risk their precious lives and those of future generations by allowing this bully to harm the planet and strip away human rights.

    University professors have written papers that warn us about the reproductive organs of youngsters being damaged by gmo’s; and boys of 10 years and under are considered to be higher at risk.

    What made the law give Monsanto the right to trespass into other peoples’ property and pollute it with their chemicals…and then persecute the farmer on his own land!

    We can’t control everything in nature. What happens when a terminator (gmo) seed kills off other forms of seeds, mutates, and then the lifespan of the gmo seed comes to an end and possibly becomes extinct (like living things have done). Well then what?

    Monsanto is a public company that has waged war on its own people. This is an enormous issue and I feel the public has not fought back.

    Nicole Rigets

  2. Study results like these were predicted in Deborah Koons Garcia’s film, “The Future of Food” and Duff Wilson’s book “Fateful Harvest, the True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry and a Toxic Secret” .

  3. “The Future of Food” is a free full length documentary on hulu. Its a great film, that gives some interesting insight into the terrible things Monsanto is doing to both our countries food supply but also the small farmers who choose to raise organic products.

  4. Evz

    Good post — there’s some additional info about this case (and related GMO issues) at… Monsanto has a long history of corrupt and unethical behavior around the world, and there is NO good reason for them to be allowed to set our national food policy. We’re breaking things in ways we don’t fully understand, and can’t fix… watch ‘The World According to Monsanto’ (available on YouTube), for a disturbing look at the nature of this company… & they control 70-90% of the world’s food crops. NOT OK! I’m watching this court case closely, & hope the rest of the nation is too… we simply *can’t* keep doing what we’ve been doing, and expect anything but hideous problems. The greed-driven mismanagement of GM technology in the US has got to stop. Maybe this is the beginning of that change… for all our sakes, I surely hope so.

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