Bad Day for Massachusetts, Bad Day for America

Martha Coakley lost the special election to replace Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts today.  This leaves not only the future of health care reform up in the air, but the future of other progressive ideas and movements.  It’s time to dig in the heels, roll up the sleeves, and work even harder and learn from Kennedy to accomplish reform.

The twitter trending topics say it all:

*#masen is twitter code for Massachusetts (MA) Senate (Sen)=MASen



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2 responses to “Bad Day for Massachusetts, Bad Day for America

  1. The people of Mass. have spoken! Even though I didn’t have an affinity towards either candidate, I think the residents of Massachusetts are tired of continuously being taxed and being proposed a hefty health care bill, all while many are still out of work. We need people around the country to gain a sense of economic independence before we tackle the larger issues.

  2. Kris

    The people in Massachusetts are fortunate that they have health care; too bad their new Senator wishes to deny it to the rest of the country.

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