Graphs of the Day: Public Insurance Replacing Private Insurance

One of the main impetuses in passing health care reform is the desire to reverse the decline in employer sponsored insurance that our nation has seen over the past decades.  Health care reform would essentially bolster the employer sponsored private insurance system by providing incentives for large employers to continue coverage and subsidies to small employers to offer coverage.

At the same time, 15 million more Americans are expected to receive fully public financed Medicaid and CHIP health insurance. Also, 20 million individuals will have their private health insurance subsidized by the federal government in form of subsidies which people will use to purchase insurance in the exchange.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention tracks trends in public vs. private health insurance coverage.  This graph shows the how near poor children have fared over the last decade.

Similarly, this graph illustrates the trend for near poor adults.  With the new reforms will these trends continue?


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