Hunger Affects 1 Billion Worldwide

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization held its World Food Security Summit this week in Rome, Italy, to address the approximately 1 billion people who are malnourished worldwide. At the talks, FAO Director General Jacques Diouf pointed out the primary causes for rising global hunger, including a decline in agricultural investment and unfair international trade conditions.

Unfortunately, the FAO has neither the financial resources nor the political muscle necessary to act. While the summit served to address hunger issues and propose solutions, little can be done without the assistance of the World Bank, WTO, and G-20 nations.

To help us visualize the problem, the German NGO Welthungerhilfe compiled a map to supplement their Global Hunger Index in 2008.

Countries where more than half of the population is undernourished: Burundi (66%), Comoros (60%), Democratic Republic of the Congo (74%), Eritrea (75%), Liberia (50%), Sierra Leone (51%), Tajikistan (56%).

Countries where more than one third of the population is undernourished: Angola (35%), Central African Republic (44%), Chad (35%), Republic of Congo (33%), Ethiopia (46%), Guinea-Bissau (39%), Haiti (46%), Madagascar (38%), Malawi (35%), Mozambique (44%), Rwanda (33%), Tanzania (44%), Yemen (38%), Zambia (46%), Zimbabwe (45%)

For the full report click here.


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