Vitter Proposes Potentially Unconstitutional Census Change

Senator Vitter (R-Louisiana)

This week Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter proposed the 2010 U.S. Census only count legal citizens.  The area in which this amendment would have the most impact is on the upcoming reapportionment of Congressional seats.

Vitter attached this language as an amendment to the appropriations bill for the Departments  of Commerce and Justice.  The bill has been approved by the House, without the Census amended language and is currently under debate in the Senate.

Senator Vitter would require the 2010 Census to ask for citizenship status in their survey.  On October 13, Vitter explained his intentions:

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, the single most important thing we use the decennial census for is to reapportion the House of Representatives, to decide how many House Members each State gets. Under the Federal plan, the way the census is designed, the House would be reapportioned counting illegal aliens. States that have large populations of illegals would be rewarded for that. Other States, including my home State of Louisiana, would be penalized.

New analysis released by Andrew A. Beveridge of Queens College shows the winners and losers under this proposal:

Result of Vitter Proposal State
Lost Congressional seats from current California (5), New York (1), Illinois (1)
No change in Congressional seats from current Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (each expected to lose one seat)
Gain in Congressional seats from current Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas (each gain one)

Note: Texas is expected to gain 3 seats, but with the change will only gain one.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest losers in this equation are blue populous blue states while smaller red states have the most to gain.

With a number of recent criticisms of the Census in recent months, it is important to look back to the history of the Census in our nation.  A census is as old as America itself.  Starting in the early 1600’s colonies counted the number of individuals for purposes of reporting back to England.  Later, Benjamin Franklin championed the Census and the inclusion of it in the young nation for purposes of counting the resources available and the growth of the country. With the end of slavery, the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution called for a count of “all whole persons” for the purpose of apportioning representation in Congress.

The Constitution does not specify citizenship in it’s clear instruction of the census. The Amendment before the Senate would exclude millions of people that call America home. It would be a step backwards both for the country and the interpretation of the Constitution.



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6 responses to “Vitter Proposes Potentially Unconstitutional Census Change

  1. Glenn1980

    Sen. David Vitter R-LA-Bennett R-UT have been offering an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill that would require the U.S. Census Bureau to add questions regarding immigration & citizenship status of 20 to 30 million plus illegal immigrants and families in the 2010 decennial census. If these questions are not asked it is certain that–ALL–these illegal aliens will be counted in the census and states will lose billions of dollars in federal funds to states infamously designated as SANCTUARY STATES such as CALIFORNIA and gain Congressional seats (and electoral college votes) due to this counting of illegal aliens.DEMAND FROM YOUR SENATORS THAT SEN. VITTERS’ AMENDMENT BE INCLUDED. Only citizens and permanent residents should be counted. Just may be citizens and legal residents should–abstain–from being counted in the 2010, if the Democrats insist in illegal immigrants who broke our sovereignty laws.Vitter stated,” If the current census plan goes ahead, the inclusion of non-citizens toward apportionment will artificially increase the population count in certain states, and that will likely result in the loss of congressional seats for nine other states, including Louisiana,”

    These are where immigration laws are passed or indifferently discarded to the disadvantage of THE PEOPLE. Its sad travesty, but it’s the raw facts of legislative playtime in committee. Then there is the H-1B working visa game? H-1B has been full of fraud and hypocrisy since its inception. With corporate attorneys giving devious advice of how to cheat the foreign labor importation system by the labor Department.125,000 brand new work permits to foreign nationals was issued last month. Watch a U-Tube video of an attorney with the law firm of Cohen & Grigsby discussing how a company can turn at H-1B worker into a permanent Green Card holder. His comments demonstrate the disposition behind the entire process: “Their goal is clearly not to find a highly skilled H-1B immigrant, because cheap labor is plentiful in poor foreign nations willing to come to America. It’s just another working visa program for supposedly PhD and top of the business ladder absolutely copious with sleaze TODAY IS THE DAY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CORRUPTION AND COMPROMISE BY OUR POLITICIANS AT NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB. SAY NO TO ANY NEW PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. ADD HONEST AMENDMENTS TO THE 1986 SIMPSON/MAZZOLI BILL, NOT ANOTHER COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION BILL, UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS ONE THAT WAS OVERFLOWING WITH FRAUD. light a fire under nonchalant politicians who are selling American workers futures to highest bidder contact WASHINGTON at 202-224-3121 As easily as you voted for these people, you can vote them OUT?

  2. What do you all think about the 2010 census asking for phone numbers? While Sen Vittner’s amendment didn’t pass- it seems many others have, or will be passed in the future.

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  5. marymack

    Thank you Mr Vitter

    This is WAAAY outta control.
    The Census was created for Americans, sorry, i can read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s for Natural Born Citizens, unlike our current fraud for a president. That’s the reason there is no mention of Migrants, Trespassers, or whatever you want to call people who come here to work because they are needed every day. Go See A Day Without A Mexican if you don’t like what I say.

  6. marymack

    I worked for the Census in 1984,
    Special Count for Phoenix, AZ and immigrants and illegals DO NOT WANT TO BE COUNTED and mostly hide from the FEDs, census workers or not. They are terrified by our wonderful overzealous POLICE STATE thugs, or ICE. Who are the real Terrorists?????????? YOU DECIDE
    I already know.

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