Nancy Ann DeParle’s Seven Forgotten Health Reforms

Today at the  New Republic “Health Care Reform- Will It Work?”  Nancy Ann DeParle answered this question with a resounding yes.  She was here to point out her 7 things that you may not know about health care reform.  She stressed that these points have not been significantly addressed by the debate.

1. Small businesses will benefit.

2. Crucial assistance for young adults.

3. Transforming the system through transparency and accountability (medical loss ratio)

4. Reform will lower cost.  As evidence, she points to MIT studies.

5.  Improvements in payments – accountable care organizations and bundling payments.  Improvements in quality and rewarding based on results rather than quality.

6. Reducing the unnecessary administrative processes.  Administrative simplification will lower costs and give physicians more time with patients.

7.  Allow beneficiaries to see exactly what is in the plans

Talking about the public plan, she reiterated the white house talking point of the week that the President has been in support of the public plan.

Her definition of affordable health care striking balance between the individual mandate and what is affordable to the government. In regards to a state and national approach to the exchanges and public option she says “the more national, the better.”


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